Samil Electric Heat Tracing System

As a device measuring and controlling the pipe line
temperature of the industrial production process, it is a measuring equipment which saved
the maximum 75% of power consumption with soft power for maintaining a proper
temperature and individual control by each pipe.

Characteristic of product

It is composed of Power Device and Endpoint Device, high-intensity LED lamp flashes
on and off, which enables the status to be checked under the strong sunlight outdoors
or at a long distance.

Power Device controls the activity of hot wire depending on the set temperature and
displays the operating condition with LED

Endpoint Device displays temperature measurement and operating condition of
hot-wire end with LED.

It prevents in advance the damage caused by disconnection or overheating of hot wire
by checking the operating condition of hot wire for 24 hours.

It enables an individual control for maintaining the set temperature by pipeline and adds the function of searching for pipeline end.

Product specification

Description Power Device Endpoint Device
Voltage AC 100V ~ 240V AC 100V ~ 240V
Power consumption about 1.5 W~2W about 1.5 W~2W
Display type FND 3 digit, red/white LED FND 3 digit, red/white LED
Temperature sensor NTC 10K 1% NTC 10K 1%
Control capacity 220V/25A, maximum3KW -
Control temperature 0℃ ~ 50℃ -
Measurement temperature -30℃ ~ 130℃ -30℃ ~ 130℃
Size 160X160X75(mm) 160X160X75(mm)

Installable location

Temperature measurement & control of power plant pipeline, large plant system, factory automation line

It can save the maximum 75% of power consumption.

Power Device

It controls the activity of hot wire
depending on the set temperature
and displays the operating condition
with LED

High-intensity white LED

It is very easy to check the
condition even undera strong
sunlight or at a long distance,
efficientfor enhancing economy
and productivity with a long
life lamp.

External temperature sensor

As it is covered by protective material,
it checks the temperature of pipe
difficult to check from the outside
accurately with digital thermometer.

Flash warning LED

Warning system preventing the
damage in advance such as non-
working etc. caused by disconnection
of hot wire or overheating frequently
takingplace on the site is installed
in END part. (Red and white LED flash
quickly for 30 seconds.)

Endpoint Device

It displays the temperature
measurement and condition of hot
wire end with LED, and displays
warning with an flashing condition
at the out-of-range situation.

Heating Cable

Insulation Cladding

‘Product to be launched for the second half in 2017’ Power upgrade

As a power upgrade plc, it connects to MMI and data communication / smart(digital) HMI
with PLC, and connects with DVS server and can save and analyze data.





LAN cable


Smart HMI

Display module

Sensor module


Power cable


Power cable


Power cable


Power lamp kit

Power lamp kit

Power lamp kit

Heating cable

Heating cable

Heating cable


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