Samil Temperature Transmitter

It is a product which significantly improved the facilities management
capability by judging if each sensor has a problem or not and informing of it,
while transmitting the accurate temperature value after receiving
specific 2 signal values with 2 channels from the dual-structure temperature sensor.

Characteristic of product

Able to input the measured temperature of temperature sensor with 2 channels

Function of checking Fail-mode and replacing sensor input automatically

Function of displaying temperature and each condition using LCD

Able to set various kinds of parameter
(Sensor type, High Low Output, Fail-mode, Trim etc.)

Product specification

Description   Specification Remarks
Display part LCD 4 Digit + Display use channel -
LED Green 1(normal), red 1(ERR) -
Control part button 3 control buttons -
Input sensor TC,RTD -
Output type analog 4.0mA ~ 20.0mA -
Power part DV 12V ~ DV 24V -
Transmitter size DIN EN 60715 (115mm*110mm*25mm) -
Weight 140g -

A proper temperature maintenance of industrial plant site pipe such as power plant etc. and continuous monitoring

DIN rack type dual temperature transmitter

LCD display part

31TT has a LCD window designed to check the temperature display
immediately even on the spot as well as real time transmission of measured
temperature to the central control room.

Smart channel switching

31TT, in case of the trouble of channel 1 of dual(2 channels) temperature sensor,
is an innovative temperature transmission system being switched immediately to channel 2.
The existing channel 1 input temperature transmitter, when there is a trouble, brought about a
lot of problems caused by the delay in dealing with situation and recovery delay.

Globalized domestic product

31TT which was newly developed by researchers of SAMIL PNU
is a product tested and certified a lot. Thus, it solved a lot of difficulties of the cases that
spare parts & parts are not secured on time due to the use of the imported products until now.

Effect when using the product of our company

Serial monitoring function by the temperature reception of dualchannels.

When replacing, a separate facility is not needed due to the
compatibility with the existing single channel temperature transmitting facility.

The accuracy and reliability of the temperature value by temperature reception of dual channels is secured.

Solved the problems such as securing of sufficient spare parts and on time delivery etc. when using the imported product.


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